The Priestess

She’s a bird – a magpie. She’s beautiful.
When I took this photo she sat on a car and let me walk right up to her. She wasn’t at all timid. But then why would she be? She was free!

Here she sits quietly, just watching. She knows plenty though. Do you get the feeling that she knows your deepest secret as you look into those incredibly intense eyes? She does. She can tell you things that will astound you. Can you hear her? You have to listen carefully; her voice is like the whisper of the breeze in the trees that surround her. Her knowledge is ancient, like the crescent moon.
She’ll sing wondrously, but that’s not what you’re meant to be hearing. You have to listen, this time. You have to do more than simply hear, or you may not understand. When you do listen, it will be like the moon has burst into fullness, to light your way. You’ll know what she’s telling you. You’ll understand.