The Magician

Magical things happen in my garden.
They probably happen in yours too. Have you looked lately?

The caterpillar wraps himself tightly into a cocoon and then magic works its wonders, as he finds himself transformed into a butterfly. The butterfly emerges slowly from his cocoon, beats his wings and then takes on the world, startling it with his beauty.
If a little green grub can become a beautiful winged creature, what possibilities does the earth give to the rest of us?
Don’t limit yourself by what you think you can do. Did the caterpillar know that one day he could fly? I think not. But look at him now, as free as a bird.
Life will give you the tools that you need, if you look around for them. They may not be right in front of your eyes, but they will be there. Take them. Use them. Be what you can.
If you don’t, the bird you may have been as free as may just gobble you up!