The Garden Path

The wiccked stepmother tarot project is a work in progress. Copyright is mine. Enjoy them, but don’t take them. They’re not finished. But they’re still mine.
The basis for these cards is my photography. I’m very much a tarot novice, and these cards probably show that. They’re my own interpretation of what a certain card might feel like to me. Not what I think it should look like. And definitely not what someone else might think it should look like. That said though, I do welcome your feedback. These are beginnings. The end isn’t here yet.

And the end is likely to be a very long way down the path.

As of April 2006 sales of a Limited Edition Majors Only deck are continuing. 78 numbered copies, plus The Artist’s deck for me, and The Empress’ Deck for my daughter. I’m assembling cards, LWBs, and bags as orders come in. I’m no longer able to make decks. The laminating/gluing supplies I was using are no longer available, and I’ve found no alternative.

The Garden Path, an antipodean tarot, came about after I designed a card for a collaborative tarot deck. I was so excited by the process that I did another. I wanted more and realised that I’d begun the process of designing my own deck. These two first cards were The Hermit and Strength. The original designs I created for the collaborative deck are still the basis for the cards as they are in The Garden Path.

The images in the cards are all my own photographs taken around my garden and in South East Queensland where I live. I love nature and find great joy in it. This is what I try to portray in my cards.

The name, The Garden Path, is indicative of my own spiritual path, being deeply nature based or ‘earthish’ – and the antipodean tarot bit is simply descriptive of the fact that this is an Australian designed deck. It’s different, seen from a different angle, and hopefully it shows a different way of seeing things.