The Empress

Once I began to think tarot deck, my photos started to replay themselves in my mind. This photo of my very pregnant daughter, Jade, cried out to me to be the Empress. Although as she informs me, she was anything but content at the time I took this photo!

Heavily pregnant and content, the Empress sits in a sunlit clearing, surrounded by the bounty of her earth and filled with the bounty of her love.
It’s taken time to get here, though. Her belly didn’t appear fruitful and ripe overnight. It took time, nurturing, patience. You’ve heard of a germ of an idea? Germinate. That’s how ideas grow. An idea germinates into a dream, a reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s a child, a new lover, a plant, a new job. You have to tend it to allow it to flourish, but you also have to know when to stop.
Don’t smother it. Fresh air is just as important as nourishment and water.