Six of Summer

Empty cidada skins, Girraween National Park.
Cicada eggs are laid in slits in tree bark. After many weeks they hatch into nymphs, which then fall to the ground, and burrow through the leaf litter into the ground, where they remain, at depths of between 10 and 40 centimetres, for many years, feeding on sap sucked from tree roots.
When the nymph finally reaches adult size, it claws it’s way back to the surface, and climbs the tree, where it sheds it’s skin for the last time. During a life time of two to four weeks they mate, lay eggs, and begin the cycle all over again.

A journey that must be made. Be it travel, or a life journey – a transition. This is something you have to do. The journey you were destined to make.
Destiny doesn’t, however, negate the requirement for free will, and choice. The choices you make may have considerable impact on your journey. Some of your possible paths will be filled with struggle, some will not. Regardless, it’s your journey, and you must choose your path.
This isn’t about a destination that anyone else can give you directions for.