Child of Spring

My grandson, Kristian, playing in my pond. This is my second version of this card. The first was a lovely clay hanging planter I have, of an african childs head, full of mondo grass and spanish moss. As much as I loved that, I wanted this one instead.

When you put a small child into a pond they’re shocked. At first they’re not quite sure what to make of it, but with gentle guidance from family and those who love him, he explores, feels the water, wiggles his toes, runs his fingers across the surface.

Feels the water, the silkiness, the wetness, and the joy, and he splashes! The first water on his face is a surprise, but his eyes widen and he splashes again, until there are water drops flying all around, and he is laughing with the sheer joy of it.

Splashing in the water is something we grown ups take for granted, but when you see what a child learns like that, it really shows how easy it is to learn, and to take joy in that learning. A simple splash in a pond, and a child has learned how to make joy.